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North Carolina A&T running back Tarik Cohen is the master of backflip catch videos

The big man cannot be tackled and cannot be stopped from cutting flips.

North Carolina A&T running back Tarik Cohen is 5'6, 173 pounds, No. 8 in the FCS in rushing yards per game, and very good at catching footballs while flipping. The backflip trick catch was the viral stunt of the summer for football players, but nobody's dropped more excellent variations on the theme than Cohen has.

Now watch him flip:

Now watch him nae nae flip:

As of this writing, Cohen is tearing apart Alcorn State in the Celebration Bowl, with 166 yards on five carries and touchdowns of 83 and 74 yards. This one kind of ends with yet another flip:

Never watch anything again that isn't Tarik Cohen flipping:


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