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New Mexico's unique offense features a conga line behind the QB

New Mexico runs the triple option out of the pistol. It looks amazing:

Bob Davie's offense at New Mexico is pretty awesome to watch. The Lobos are running the triple option, but they're running it out of the pistol formation. Here's one set:

Davie's not the first coach to have triple option looks out of the pistol, but man, I've never seen a formation like this:

This formation is like the Maryland I, but it's being run out of the shotgun. Normally, the Maryland I is a formation you run in extreme power offense scenarios -- like on the goal line, when you want your RB to have two lead blockers -- but in Davie's offense, it's not about power at all.

Here are some plays I've drawn up for this formation:

  • Three straight play action fakes, one to each running back
  • The QB and first two running backs suddenly sprint away from the middle as the ball is snapped to the REAL quarterback, the guy all the way in the back
  • All four players re-enact the film "Human Centipede," totally grossing out the opponent while somebody runs into the end zone uncontested

Luckily, Bob Davie is a much better coach than I am, and therefore has real plays for these scenarios.