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Memphis player swipes game ball from Auburn equipment staff, flips everybody the bird and runs away

Memphis got involved with post-bowl shenanigans for the second straight year.

Memphis #38 tables auburn ball, steals ball and runs of the field! #thugloser

Posted by Russell Smith on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

After losing to Auburn, 31-10, in the Birmingham Bowl, Memphis safety Reggis Ball reportedly ran over to the Auburn sideline and stole a football, while also giving the Auburn equipment staff the finger. It is unclear who tackled whom, but there were multiple reports of a scuffle.

Later, he posted this photo on Instagram:

5⃣&6⃣ #RANOFFONDAPLUGTWICE @matakevich_8 I caught up.

A photo posted by @ballhead39 on

Ball returned an Auburn pass for a touchdown earlier in the game, and he ran off with the football, even after the ref asked for it, bringing it to the sideline.

This is the second straight year Memphis has been involved in post-bowl shenanigans. Last year, the Tigers got into a full-fledged brawl with BYU after the Miami Beach Bowl.

According to the Ledger-Enquirer, Ball has done this before, and Auburn knew about it:

Members of Auburn's equipment staff were alerted Ball tries to steal a football from opposing teams after the game every time he gets an interception.

Ball, a senior who had just played his final game, was dismissed from the team, Memphis announced.

The police are also aware:

Birmingham police department chief A.C. Roper, who was sent the video of the incident, told the Auburn equipment manager has not filed a police report.

"He may decide to allow the school to handle it," Roper told, "but the legal system can be utilized if he chooses."


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