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Wisconsin LB Jack Cichy sacks USC 3 straight times on same drive

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USC appeared poised to cut into Wisconsin's 20-14 lead in the Holiday Bowl, if not take the outright lead themselves, after a weak punt gave the Trojans the ball at the 50-yard line with 4:27 remaining in the third quarter. But that's when Badgers linebacker Jack Cichy struck.

On first down, Cichy sacked quarterback Cody Kessler for a 9-yard loss.

On second down, after a false start, Cichy struck again, this time sacking Kessler for a 7-yard loss.

On third down, Cichy picked up his third straight sack, another 7-yard loss that killed the USC drive, giving the Trojans a whopping fourth-and-40. They punted.

The redshirt sophomore had two career sacks entering play on Wednesday night. Now, he has five.