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Florida State kicker mishit a kick at a pivotal moment, and Jimbo Fisher hated it

The Peach Pooch was a failure.

Florida State pooched their final kick of the Peach Bowl, and it didn't work out well. The kick went for 47 yards, and Houston's Steven Dunbar ran it back 37 yards, leaving the Cougars with less than half the field to go en route to their game-sealing touchdown.

It seemed like a strange call for Jimbo Fisher to make. That was because he didn't actually make it. After the game, Fisher said it was simply a mishit kick by Roberto Aguayo. Fisher was not thrilled by it.

Aguayo is a spectacular kicker, both on field goals and kickoffs. A complete mishit is surprising, but not unprecedented. Sometimes even really good NFL kickers mishit kickoffs in pivotal moments.

It was a costly mistake, putting Houston many yards closer to the end zone on the drive when they scored a game-sealing touchdown. Then again, there's nothing to say FSU could've stopped Houston on a longer field, and FSU couldn't score on their final drive anyway, so it probably wasn't particularly costly.