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Derrick Henry tossed this Michigan State lineman like he was a used gum wrapper

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The Heisman Trophy winner provides us with the most apt visual description of the Cotton Bowl available.

Alabama halfback Derrick Henry stiff-armed Shilique Calhoun so hard that Calhoun front flipped to the ground.

There are two possible ways to explain this: Either Derrick Henry is strong enough after 20 carries and 75 yards against the Michigan State defense that he can lift an All-Big Ten defensive end and toss him to the ground like a doll, or Calhoun was finally so tired of trying to tackle the Heisman Trophy winner that he tried to take him down with Guile's flash kick from Street Fighter II Turbo. Either way, it didn't end well for Calhoun.

The play pretty well sums up the night for Michigan State, a 38-point loss that could only be described as a disaster.

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