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Security guards punch, tackle Houston fans during on-field celebration

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Things got heated during the celebration of Houston's win over Temple.

The Houston Cougars achieved a major victory on Saturday, and punched their ticket to a New Year's Six bowl in the process. Their fans were understandably excited about this. So excited, in fact, that many of them decided to rush the field in celebration.

During celebrations such as these, tensions can run high between the fans and the people whose job it is to keep spectators off of the field. Some of the guards hired to work the game apparently took exception with the actions of a few individuals in the chaos.

It would seem that some of these security guards are not totally clear on what they should and should not be doing on the sidelines. Some of the fans are able to get through, while others are held, tackled or even punched by the guards.

Houston's AD commented:

However, everyone who wanted to get on the field, appeared to have made it on in the end.