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Nike reveals all 4 teams in 2015 College Football Playoff will wear classic looks, with new touches

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"Classic looks" is another way of saying Oregon isn't in the Playoff this time.


SB Nation 2015 Bowl Calendar

For the second year in a row, the College Football Playoff is nothing but Nike schools. The apparel giant has responded to the bracket reveal by announcing some clothes, which you can look at on this webpage.

What's different about them? Well, let Nike tell you:

[Each features] a fractal diamond Swoosh on the front of the jersey and pant.

Players will also debut new Nike Football Vapor Jet 4.0 gloves, which were tested extensively at all levels and help maximize catching ability, fit and breathability.

A cool swoosh (like the ones in last year's Playoff) and some new gloves! That's fine and good.


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