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College Football Playoff has 'no intention' of expanding beyond 4 teams ;)

Playoff executive director Bill Hancock, who previously didn't like playoffs, now doesn't like expanding the field.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Playoff has no plans of expanding any time soon, executive director Bill Hancock told The four-team tournament has 11 years remaining on its TV contract, and it looks likely it will stay at four teams for the duration of that time:

"I'm not hearing the drum within our business," said Hancock. "I'm hearing it from journalists. I think we need to give this a chance. It's such a remarkable new innovation for the game. There is no talk in our group of expanding."

It seems likely the tournament field will expand at some point, however. This year's Playoff brought in record TV numbers, coaches were calling for expansion as far back as November, and ACC commissioner John Swofford has spoken out in favor of an eight-team field.

There's also the matter of Hancock, whose words should be taken with a significant grain of salt. Previously a staunch anti-playoffs advocate when he was in charge of the Bowl Championship Series, Hancock has since come around as one of its biggest supporters.