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Les Miles getting close to explaining the entire holiday calendar

Once he breaks down Arbor Day for us, we'll really be in business.

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Les Miles is a football coach, which means most of the questions directed his way are related to football. But Miles might be even more skilled at answering questions about another topic: holidays. Miles has been prompted (and sometimes, gone unprompted) to explain a number of holidays in his career, and he's getting close to explaining every one.

And those he hasn't gotten to yet, EDSBS took care of for him.

Columbus Day

This came from a Miles press conference in 2013, in which he reminded those who know Italians to make sure they celebrate.

Good afternoon. Just wanna remind everybody that it's Columbus Day, that all of you who know Italians, who like Italians, or the people that might venture onto a ship and travel to explore and find new lands, this is your day. It's not St. Paddy's Day. That's a different day entirely.

St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, Miles took the time to discuss the festivities that occur in Baton Rouge for the celebration. His comments make it seem like he's pretty excited.


Pirate Les Miles:

Les Miles' last Halloween costume was 20 years ago and he dressed up as a pirate. As a kid he went as a football player, cheerleader, clown. Remembers his dad going through his Halloween candy.

Election Day

St. Patrick's Day might be for the Irish, and Columbus Day might be for the Italians, but Election Day -- though not a holiday -- is for America.

Veteran's Day

Lots of coaches say this, but Miles said it as an opening remark:

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. We all need to be thankful that we have people willing to sacrifice for our abilities to do the things we want to do. Very thankful that they allow me to be a coach.


Miles is a big fan of Thanksgiving. He went in-depth on his favorite part of the meal in 2013.

I am the easiest man to please when it comes to food. I have to be honest, I think it's definitely the turkey with a warm gravy. Maybe it's the last spoon or fork on the plate, you know, that has a little bit of salt and pepper, and maybe a little bit of turkey and gravy and some of the stuffing that would be there, and maybe just a smidgeon of that cranberry stuff. Not like a big, not kind of the overwhelm the last bite, but that right there, oh my goodness, that last bite's worth a lot, right? I might add that the the turkey sandwich with mayonnaise, mustard, onions and a turkey salad, and a little lettuce, kind of makes for good eating later too, doesn't it? Wish you hadn't mentioned that. I haven't had my lunch yet.


Miles doesn't yet have any explaining to do about Christmas, but sometimes he does show up in a Santa hat and lead Christmas carols.

And not unlike in-game situations, time management issues once again come to the fore around Christmas time.

New Year's

If you find time to "twirl your sweetheart," you "might get a kiss."

Your birthday

And if you're a top recruit, Miles might serenade you.