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Welcoming Steve Spurrier to college football Twitter

We have a couple pointers for Head Ball Coach as he acclimates to life on Twitter.

Late Monday morning, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier joined Twitter, to the delight of the college football Internet. Spurrier is famous for his lack of give-a-damn and propensity for unleashing incredible zingers, but no one ever really thought he could be bothered to waste time on Twitter. We were wrong.

It really does seem like it's Spurrier writing those tweets too, as since his original was quickly deleted and replaced with slightly fewer spelling/grammatical errors, and so was this one.

So with that in mind, we here at SB Nation would like to share a few tips to help smooth his transition onto Twitter.

  • Don’t bother thinking twice about whether you should be tweeting something. It’s totally fine.
  • Don’t tweet at recruits, I suppose.
  • Live-tweet your own games from the sideline. Think about how hard the own would be if you tweet the play call and then score right after.
  • Don't check your mentions, like, ever.
  • Retweet and share the most recent Hatin' Ass Spurrier from noted Internet website Every Day Should Be Saturday.
  • Regularly point out how much better your account is than Dabo Swinney's, which went dark in 2009 after amassing 30,000 followers. Just seems like a quitter's move, is all I'm saying.
  • Make sure to check in on Ray Goff, Bobby Bowden, and Phillip Fulmer, who all have active accounts and would love to hear from you. Might have to wait on Nick Saban, however, since he pours super glue into the ethernet ports on every computer he comes across.
  • Just manually retweet "FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN" and people will go completely nuts.