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LSU court filing mocks Texas A&M's 'dire need for defensive help'


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The lawsuit between LSU-turned-Texas A&M defensive coordinator John Chavis and LSU has finally reached SEC trash talkin' levels. In an effort to say the lawsuit, filed over Chavis' buyout, does not belong in a Texas court, LSU's lawyers noted the irrelevance of the location of Chavis' new school ... and mocked its defense.

From a filing obtained by The Advocate:

"The only fact implicating Texas (in the suit) is that Chavis happened to defect to Texas A&M and chose to begin working for A&M before his service to LSU was complete," the new filing says. "Notwithstanding the Aggies dire need for defensive help, Chavis could have defected to a college or professional team in any state, or even in a foreign country."

I'm quite confident that "dire need for defensive help" relating to football has never been written in a lawsuit before. SEC lawyerin is both SEC and lawyerin at its best.

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