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Cool new Army athletics logo pays tribute to 'soldier scholars'

Army West Point now has a whole new brand.

Army announced a complete rebrand of its athletics program Monday night, with a new logo and new uniforms for all of its teams. The "primary identity" will be an "athena shield," with a helmet, sword and star under the color palette of gold, black, gray and white. It's all about honoring the school's "soldier scholars."

The United States Army and West Point are indivisible. To separate the Army from West Point is to take away the purpose of the United States Military Academy. Since its founding in 1802, West Point has produced soldier scholars for America. The best education in the nation hones the intellect, while the tough physical and military training creates the warrior. The Army West Point primary mark perfectly portrays the soldier scholar ideal. Athena's helmet symbolizes wisdom while the sword represents the warrior ready for battle.

Here's a look at the new logo:


The uniforms look slick, as well:







For more on the new uniforms, check out the complete video of the new brand unveiling: