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THE READ OPTION: Jameis Winston crab legs story enters Day 359

Good morning! It's your daily roundup of college football stuff, slid to you piping hot by a friend in the seafood department.

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Of all things, the focus is back on when the likely No. 1 NFL Draft pick took a package of crab legs from a Publix in April 2014.

According to Jameis Winston's explanation in an ESPN piece with Jim Harbaugh, someone who worked there gave the Florida State QB the hookup. Do you care? Ehhh.

Let's concentrate on what's important here. When the caper was explained to Harbaugh, he made the following face:

FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher said he thinks it was "totally an isolated incident," and of Winston's version of the story: "I guess it is [true]." The school said, "we will work in partnership with the NCAA to determine whether a violation occurred," regarding the athlete-getting-free-stuff angle.

It goes deeper. Publix claims, "there is absolutely no information that corroborates Jameis’ story," but NFL reporter Mike Freeman quotes a team general manager as saying, "We were able to determine that he was telling the truth."

As a counterpoint to those that would try to treat this like a serious situation: If someone offers you free crab legs, you take the dang things.

This is silly. Let's move on.

Nowhere to go but up? UConn was really bad. Bill C.'s preview series hits the Huskies, and, boy, seems like Bob Diaco's got his work cut out for him.

If it turns out that Diaco knows what he's doing -- how to recruit, develop players, put them in position to succeed -- then we'll look back at 2014 as a necessary reset. UConn plummeted from 97th in F/+ to 119th and lost at home to a winless SMU in the finale. If you are going to stink, you might as well stink with a young team. And if you turn things around, no one's going to care that you started 2-10.

Life at the recruiting margins. David Moore, a three-star quarterback from Georgia, will commit Thursday to one of his five finalists. He's been speaking regularly with SB Nation's Bud Elliott about how the recruiting game works if you're a good quarterback, but not one of the nation's elites.

One thing Moore heard from coaches at other mid-majors is that they are scared because he has offers from power schools. They think he will automatically pick one of those.

Yet Moore suspects bigger schools are holding off because he has so many offers from mid-majors. Big schools do often piggyback each other and are sometimes reluctant to be first. He thinks some majors believe they can wait until the last second.

Rich Rodriguez thanks you, other coaches. Arizona's Scooby Wright was a lightly recruited linebacker, and @TwoStarScoob, as he styles himself on Twitter, has used that as motivation to grab a fistful of national awards. Pacific Takes went back to look at how so many programs could whiff on a future monster.

Good Guy Josh Robinson. Josh Robinson, Mississippi State's bruising squat rack roomba of a running back, helped a Bulldog fan in a tight spot the other day.

Starting to think they may not like this. The newest coaches of Southern programs to come out against satellite camps, which allow distant programs access to groups of local prospects? Alabama's Nick Saban and Clemson's Dabo Swinney.

Realignment comin' (again)? BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall said if the school is going to jump (to the Big 12), he'd like it to happen in three years.

"When I speak in absolutes," said Mendenhall, "I know that doesn't work very well for expectations, because then that just means they're going to be met or not. But at some point, inclusion has to happen.

Braxton to Bama? Roll Bama Roll raises concerns with the offseason's only real, lingering drama.

CROOTIN'. Four-star guard Chris Owens picks Alabama, and former Michigan QB commit Messiah deWeaver chooses Michigan State.