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Hey college coaches, stop recruiting with creepy female celebrity photoshops

This again?

Bad photoshops in college football recruiting are not new. Joker Phillips could build a new wing onto his house just to store his alone.

Bad photoshops featuring famous and beautiful women, like Tennessee using Beyonce or Wake Forest using Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez, are not new either. We add a new entry today, and it's possibly the lamest one.

Wow, I was on the fence, but this awkwardly shopped picture of a swimsuit model has got me thinkin' Pitt's the place for me!

That's Pitt tight end coach Tim Salem absolutely making a hash of this tweet, which was deleted a few minutes later. I may not be an expert at spotting a good photoshop job, but I'm pretty sure Hannah Davis is not wearing a Pitt Panthers bikini on the cover of the latest SI Swimsuit Issue.

Coaches should probably stop doing this. It's weird, awkward, creepy and doesn't seem like the most effective recruiting tool compared to say, good facilities or early playing time.

Additionally: Sumer.