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If the ACC goes to 3 football divisions, it could look like this

The NCAA will reportedly change its rules on conference championship games, allowing some changes in two of the big conferences.

The ACC and Big 12 have developed legislation that would change NCAA rules on how football conference champions can be decided, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports is reporting. The new rule is expected to pass by 2016, allowing the Big 12 to host a conference championship game without expanding to 12 teams.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told Dodd the ACC, with 14 teams, could become the first conference to expand to three divisions. In such a setup, the top two ranked division champions would play for the conference championship.

Splitting 14 teams into three divisions is not easy, so let's assume partial friend Notre Dame is included. The Irish would likely be the impetus for such a move anyway, as well as avoiding bad teams playing in the conference title game.

Here's what such an arrangement could look like (we're just throwing this out there).

Atlantic Coast Conference
Clemson Duke Boston College
Florida State North Carolina Miami
Georgia Tech NC State Notre Dame
Louisville Virginia Tech Pittsburgh
Wake Forest Virginia Syracuse

On the whole, these divisions are geographically based, but there are some exceptions. Wake Forest is separated from its North Carolinian brethren for competitive balance and to ensure the two Virginia schools are paired together. Miami is in the Conference because of historic rivalries with Big East schools and so more schools get access to Florida recruiting.

Above all else, this is speculation for fun, something surely no one will take too seriously.