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Every Everett Golson transfer rumor, all in one place

Every bit of news and rumors about where the former Notre Dame quarterback might transfer.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to keep track of where Everett Golson is or isn't headed. The former Notre Dame quarterback will definitely be playing for a new team this fall, but the identity of that team is still a mystery.

We've taken every rumor and piece of news about Golson and compiled it here in one place, and we'll be adding more as the information becomes available.

The gist of it all is that the former BCS Championship Game quarterback will likely be playing closer to his home state of South Carolina, and that he's become the summer's hottest free agent for teams looking to deepen their QB competitions. His shaky 2014 at Notre Dame, which yielded the Irish job to Malik Zaire in the first place, means he's not a sure bet, but he's got enough talent to win any of the following jobs, if things go right.


5/13: The Crimson Tide are interested, but aren't optimistic the SEC will grant the waiver required for him to transfer anywhere in the conference.

Florida State

5/11: FSU has reportedly emerged as the frontrunner. (Note FSU wouldn't need the aforementioned waiver, which only applies to the SEC.)

5/11: Golson went to Tallahassee for a visit.

5/13: FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher said he wouldn't guarantee Golson the starting spot if he picks the Seminoles.

5/14: Chatter continues to favor the Noles, though FSU fans are quite divided on the idea:

5/18: An announcement to FSU is said to be expected soon.


5/11: Golson also went to Gainesville to meet with the Gators.


5/12: Golson will be visiting the Bulldogs, but the timeframe is still uncertain.

5/13: Intrigue on Twitter, as Golson and Mark Richt are both following each other now.


January: A report claimed Golson reached out to LSU about a potential transfer, something he felt strong enough about to cryptically deny in a tweet.

5/7: LSU appears on initial lists of potential destinations.

South Carolina

5/13: Golson will not be coming back to his home state, as Steve Spurrier said the Gamecocks aren't interested.


5/7: The Longhorns could be interested.

5/11: Golson was blocked from transferring to Texas, as it is on Notre Dame's 2015 schedule.


5/12: Despite being on Golson's initial list of teams he would transfer to, UCLA has had no contact with him and none is planned.

5/18: Head coach Jim Mora said they've had no contact with Golson, and if he does call, "they're set."