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Tennessee and Iowa fans drank every drop of whiskey at the Jaguars’ stadium

A commendable feat from two fanbases well-schooled in the drinking arts.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee and Iowa are two fanbases that have, collectively, seen some things. Neither of them have exactly covered themselves in glory over the past few years, and perhaps have used those gruesome experiences to hone their drinking abilities.

These two teams faced each other in Jacksonville in the TaxSlayer Bowl this past year, and, well, they drank the place clean out of whiskey.

The Vols put a comprehensive beating on the Hawkeyes to the tune of 45-28, so one would expect there was a good distribution of celebratory drinkin' and "Oh my lord, I just traveled over 1,100 miles to watch my team get crushed in a totally meaningless bowl game" drinkin'.

The game also featured this bizarre kick return, which seems likely to have been influenced by whiskey.


Previously in college football fans being bizarre alcohol locusts, Washington State fans went to Auburn and drank a bar dryer than a bone.