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The Jim Harbaugh vs. SEC offseason feud gets ... kinda weird?

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Good morning! It's your daily digest of yesterday's college football news.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

B1G-SEC transfer. The SEC and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh are having a spat right now about satellite camps. SEC coaches don't like Big Ten coaches getting to set up shop near Southern recruits.

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn has spoken out against these camps before. One such camp is in Auburn's backyard: Prattville, Ala.

That's also the hometown of outgoing Auburn player Derrick Moncrief. Moncrief claimed Monday that he was blocked by Auburn from transferring to Michigan.

At the time, there appeared to be no reason for Auburn to block a transfer to Michigan, other than concerns about Harbaugh's camp in Moncrief's hometown.

Then, someone at Auburn issued a denial.

And then came a text, according to Moncrief.

Just another day in the college football offseason.

Golson sweepstakes. Notre Dame transfer quarterback Everett Golson is still waiting to make his decision, but Florida State looks like the most likely destination. In other news, UCLA is officially out of the running.

Saban's theory. Nick Saban thinks that the College Football Playoff diminishes other bowl games. He is wrong.

Rappin' about CFB. Action Bronson raps a lot about sports. He also claims to have rigged a few very boring college football games. Case in point:

... check the bio, I fixed the game between Kentucky and Miami of Ohio

Best bio. Most official team bios for college football coaches are generic and ordinary. Mike London is not most college football coaches.

A happy early retirement. Connor Halliday has had some brutal injuries throughout his college football career, and he ended his NFL career before it even started, leaving Washington's minicamp and texting a reporter, "I'm done." It's a happy ending.

The year of Notre Dame? With so many players returning, Notre Dame is out of excuses. The Irish have to produce results and field at least a top-20 team this year, writes Bill C.

CROOTIN'. Most prospects like to narrow their recruiting lists down to five or 10 schools. Not five-star Dexter Lawrence, who has a top 17.

Big Ten preview. With Ohio State returning so much talent, the Buckeyes are the team to beat in the Big Ten and the entire country. Can anyone else challenge them?