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Nick Saban says Nick Saban caught a Nick Saban-sized fish

Nearly a state record, too!

Illustration by James Dator
Illustration by James Dator
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban opened his press conference Tuesday with quite the claim.

The Alabama state tarpon record is 203 pounds. If Saban caught the fish in Destin, Florida (where the SEC spring meetings are being held), the state record is 243 pounds. Six players on Alabama's roster weigh in at 180 pounds or under, so that's an impressive haul, if true.

Saban's height and weight are not easy to find, but he was listed as 5'6 and 185 pounds while playing football and baseball at Kent State. No matter how he currently measures, this alleged fish was taller than Saban, and quite possibly heavier as well (although that's up for debate).


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