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THE READ OPTION: A bunch of ACC teams ruled the NFL Draft

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This is your daily roundup of college football things!

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#goacc. Often the butt of jokes, the ACC had the last laugh during this year's NFL Draft, proving to have some of the most talented players in the country. In fact, three ACC schools had the most productive drafts, based on this metric.


(Of course, the SEC still had the most total and per school.)

That hasn't always transferred into wins, but it will impact recruiting. For Florida State, the pitch is getting even better. The draft success at Miami could have mixed results. On one hand, it shows that the Hurricanes can get people to the league, but it shows that they have had top talent and still haven't won.

At least one non-ACC team should be happy. Charlie Strong, who is now at Texas, had incredible success getting Louisville players drafted and might be able to do the same with the Longhorns.

Ohio State is still really good. One team notably making few waves was defending national champion Ohio State. But that's not a knock on the Buckeyes, just a tribute to how much talent they have coming back. Mocking The Draft's Dan Kadar says to expect lots of OSU players to be coveted in next year's draft. (Oh, and the Buckeyes just got another good recruit, finally beating Virginia Tech in the process).

Hotty Toddy! Ole Miss-Alabama caused the Great Mississippi Baby Boom of 2015, it seems.

Defense beats offense. Are you a short wide receiver? If you want to play in the NFL, you should probably switch to cornerback.

BYU is better than you. Since 2000, many top teams — including Notre Dame, Oregon, UCLA, Texas and Oklahoma — have fallen victim to BYU, which is not a pushover like most non-conference foes. However, teams still schedule the Cougars. Don't be Cal. Don't schedule a loss.

Go Navy. Navy is finally joining a conference, and it might end up winning the AAC championship in its first year, writes Bill C. That's very impressive, given the Midshipmen's recruiting limitations.

The record stands. The 2003 BCS Championship between Miami and Ohio State retains the record for most NFL Draft picks to play in one game, with 52. The 2011 Alabama-LSU game came close, but still fell seven short of matching the game at Sun Devil Stadium.

He's no Bo. Just in case Jameis Winston dreamed of being the next Bo Jackson, playing both professional baseball and football at the same time, the Bucs aren't going to let him.

More bowls in weird places. The Cactus Bowl, featuring the Pac-12 and Big 12, is moving to the Arizona Diamondbacks' stadium, which has a pool. You can watch a football game from here:


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It is unclear whether you can watch the game from the pool in your jeans, like you can at Jacksonville Jaguars games.