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Ranking college football's 28 live dog mascots

Good dogs! Very good dogs! Your college football teams might not be good, but you most certainly are!

College football teams have mascots. Many mascots are dogs. Only a few teams are smart and wonderful enough to have live dogs chilling on the sidelines. These are the best teams.

I decided to rank the 28 college football live dog mascots, but ran into a bit of a problem. Here at SB Nation, we believe all dogs are good dogs. To say some are worse than others would be rude. So I awarded a 28-way tie for first. Please don't tell them that I did list them in the order that I like them.

We think we got every puppy, DI through DIII and then some, but please tell us if we missed one.

Not included are live mascots of schools without football teams; please tell King Husky VIII at NortheasternRocky at UNC-AshevilleTarzàn at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Gritty at UMBC and Scottie at Agnes Scott that they are good dogs.

Sadly not included are schools yet to replace mascots who've passed away. RIP to Drake's bulldog Porterhouse, Fresno State's Victor E. Bulldog, Samford's bulldog Libby and Southern Illinois' saluki King Tut. They were the best dogs.

Now look at these good dogs!

1a. Reveille VIII, Texas A&M, rough collie

Trey Taormina, USA Today Sports

Very good dog! Reveille is the highest-ranking officer in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and the only dog who could send a military force after us if we didn't think she is a good dog. Please tell Miss Rev she is a very good dog.

1b. Blue III ("Trip"), Butler, English bulldog

Very good dog! I have met Butler Blue. I have seen him vomit and can confirm how good of a dog he is.

1c. Goldie, Tulsa, golden retriever

What a good dog!

1d. Smokey X, Tennessee, bluetick coonhound

Really good dog! (He also wears hats!)

1e. Pint, UC Davis, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

(Thanks to Domenic Noto for giving us a heads up.)

Really good dog! Pint is a retriever, so he retrieves the tees at the football games!

1f. Handsome Dan XVII, Yale, English bulldog

Really good dog!

1g. Jonathan XIV, UConn, Siberian husky

Excellent dog!

1h. Jack ("John B. Carroll"), Georgetown, English bulldog

Very good dog!

1i. Dubs, Washington, Alaskan malamute

Accomplished dog!

1j. Pio ("Buddy"), Lewis and Clark, Newfoundland 

Very good (and huge) dog! (Thanks to LandonTurnerOverdrive.)

1k. Mugzy, Ferris State, bulldog

Ferris State Univeristy's newest edition! Mugzy the bulldog ❤️ #welcometothefamily #mascot #puppylove

A photo posted by Marie N. (@marieeeebee) on


Mugzy was just introduced last week. (Thanks to Brandon Folsom.)

1l. Colonel Rock III ("Rocky"), Western Illinois, English bulldog

Great dog!

1m. Mission, NIU, Siberian husky

Very good dog! Mission's predecessor, Diesel, was also a very good dog.

1n. Scotty, Carnegie Mellon, Scottish terrier

Really good dog!

1o. Kiza, Houston Baptist, Siberian husky

What a good dog!

1p. Bully XXI ("Jak") Mississippi State, English bulldog

Photo credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Very good dog! The Bulldogs just passed the harness to a new baby Bully, and OMG

1q. Tupper, Bryant, English bulldog

Very good dog!

1r. Mo, Moravian, greyhound

Super-good dog!

1s. Tuffy, NC State, Tamaskan

One good dog!

1t. Bruiser, Adrian, English bulldog

Great dog!

1u. General ("G2") and Boo X, The Citadel, bulldogs

Really good dogs. G2 and Boo have been on the job since 2013. Here they are as puppies kissing General, who died in February:

1v. Duke V, James Madison, English bulldog

A good dog!

1w. Thurber, Redlands, English Bulldog

Good dog!

1x. Vic and Tory, Eastern New Mexico, greyhounds

Really good dogs!

1y. Tech XXI, Louisiana Tech, English bulldog

Very good dog!

1z. Blitz III ("Magnolia"), Wofford, Boston terrier

Very good dog!

1aa. Barney, Gardner-Webb, bulldog

Hello, good dog!

1bb. Uga IX ("Russ"), Georgia, English bulldog

Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports

Damn good dog! I think Uga is a great dog, and -- as noted -- these dogs are all tied for first place, but I am curious to test what sort of reaction we'll get from Georgia people when I put their floppy puppy last.

Photos via schools. GIFs via ESPN.

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