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Everett Golson transfer watch centers on SEC schools, despite tricky SEC rule

Good morning! It's your daily roundup of college football stuff.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everett Golson is no longer in the running to be Notre Dame's QB. The former BCS Championship Game quarterback has decided to transfer out, leaving the job to Malik Zaire, who started over Golson in last year's bowl.

Golson's graduating, so he'll be eligible to play elsewhere immediately. He is a Myrtle Beach (S.C.) native, and it's natural to think he might transfer close to home. SEC rules provide that a graduate transfer must not have any "official disciplinary issues" at his old school, otherwise a waiver must be granted. Golson had academic issues that led to his suspension in the fall of 2013.

When you combine the conference rule with the idea that the Gamecocks might not be interested, South Carolina doesn't look likely.

LSU, with its spotty quarterback play, could be a home -- reported in January that he'd reached out.

Georgia might be another, but Dawg fans don't seem keen.

What about Florida, which has had everything but QB talent?

FSU seems unlikely.

Texas could use fortification, but the Irish likely wouldn't allow that since the two schools will soon play.

Elsewhere? Alabama? Somewhere far from the SEC, like Boston College or UCLA?

Seems challenging. Bill Connelly's preview series moves on to BYU, which has made independence work.

But in a series of unintended, playoff-related consequences, status changed. With athletic directors perhaps overreacting to a potential emphasis on scheduling, the SEC reversed course and decided BYU counts as a power team.

And wow, is the Cougars' 2015 schedule a work of independent art. In September, they play at Nebraska, at UCLA and at Michigan, hosting Boise State in the middle. They scheduled two of the AAC's strongest programs (Cincinnati and ECU) for mid-October, and they finish November with the Mountain West's 2013 title combatants, Fresno State and Utah State. They play Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium on November 14. That's four power-conference teams, two mid-major elites and three recently successful mid-majors.

Also seems challenging. Long before the NFL Draft, college teams knew they were going to have a tough time replacing outgoing stars. Here's a look at how teams will replace each of the 32 first-round picks, and just how difficult a task that appears to be for each.

Underdog Dynasty has a theory on why the University of Alabama system wanted UAB football dead. It's all about the numbers.

DO NOT ATTEMPT. If you're 99 percent of the people on the planet, I would strongly advise against going against a 320-pound lineman in a blocking drill. Stone Forsythe, a Florida commit, went against his own high school coach, and his coach falls into that group of people.

Is that a lot? You can make an entire 53-man NFL roster out of just Florida State players.

Roadtrip! Organizers in Melbourne, Australia say they're ready to go and host a Pac-12 vs. Mountain West bowl game as soon as 2016. That's a long way from home, but I see no reason why we all can't just hop over.