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Rolls-Royce on the field + 'Sweet Home Alabama' = Nick Saban's daughter's wedding

Good morning! It's your weekend roundup of college football news and fun stuff.

Crimson and White Wedding. Nick Saban's daughter got married over the weekend. There were dancing elephants.

It ended the only way it possibly could, with a Rolls-Royce ride across Bryant-Denny Stadium and fireworks celebrating the happy couple.

Rolls Royce across the field for wedding finally #sabantosetas #ballin #mostballinshitever

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And of course:

Sweet home Alabama. #RTR #setonsetas #sabantosetas

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In an orbit all the way around you. Satellite camps are all the rage, as SEC coaches complain about other schools -- many in the Big Ten -- hosting camps in the South. The SEC is going to try to ban them nationally, or just allow them in their own league if that ban doesn't work.

These camps are actually great for recruits. Many can't afford to fly to, say, Michigan, but can afford to take a drive to a satellite camp at a local college. South Florida coach Willie Taggart spoke to SB Nation's Steven Godfrey:

The wrong message has been put out. No one's really talking about how good it is for the kids. If you really think about it, this is the right thing to do. Kids are going to camps all over the country, spending all this money to try and get the most amount of exposure, when it's the schools that have all the money.

SEC COMMUNISTS! The SEC spreads all of its money equally among all of its schools. There are better ways to spread the wealth around, based on merit.


Go Blue. It's hard to know exactly what to expect from Michigan in its first season under Jim Harbaugh, but one thing we do know is that the Harbaugh era is going to be a whole lot of fun. Bill Connelly previews the 2015 Wolverines.

O-H. The Rolling Stones played at Ohio Stadium, and along with playing an Ohio anthem, Mick Jagger O-H'd to the crowd.

CROOTIN'. The four-stars who committed this weekend:

Face the music. UAB has tried to get around explaining its decision to drop football by simply sending out statements. It's time for the administration to face the public with a press conference.

Good job, good effort ... literally. How do you get mocked after a successful season? Peach Bowl participation rings!

Pac-12 stadium rankings. CougCenter ranked all of the Pac-12 stadiums. The top three aren't surprising, but there's a lot of debate to be had in sports four through 12.