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Mark May no longer on ESPN's 'College Football Final,' per report

Waste a few hours and try to find someone upset that Mark May won't be on television as much.


ESPN's college football postgame show College Football Final will have a totally new crew next year, as Mark May is leaving the show, according to Sports Business Journal. Rece Davis, the show's former host, is moving over to the main desk on College GameDay, and May's foil, Lou Holtz, retired earlier this year.

There won't be many people shedding tears about May leaving College Football Final, as he seemed to make it his mission over the years to get on the bad side of just about every fan base in college football.

He was a troll by even the strictest definition, seeming to go out of his way to say crazy things to intentionally make people upset. His Twitter habits are still a popular joke on the college football Internet, despite the fact that he hasn't tweeted in just over a year. His final one was a classic, though.

The new College Football Final will be hosted by Adnan Virk, and feature Joey Galloway and Danny Kanell as analysts. People are generally positive about Virk and Galloway, but I suppose it's up to the viewer to determine whether Kanell is an upgrade over May.

May is reportedly being shifted over to a different college football studio show, also featuring Mack Brown, so don't worry: He'll be back.

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