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College football has *41* bowl games now. Hooray for fun!

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The bowl schedule has arrived. There are 41 games now, with new ones in Arizona and Orlando, and the full schedule is now upon us. That's too many bowls, you say? Watered-down competition, you say? Don't like having fun watching bizarre college football in bizarre locations during the holidays, you say?

Well, just you wait. EDSBS crunched the numbers, and this will keep going until there are 262,502 bowls. (Seriously, new games in Austin, Little Rock, Australia and elsewhere could join in future years.)

This is hilarious. The random rivalry generator will kill a good 30 minutes of your morning.

The NBA Buckeyes keep winning. Remember how Ohio State kept winning postseason games despite huge injuries, against historic oddsMust be an Ohio thing.

And LeBron bowed before fellow Ohio legend Jim Brown. Everything is so Ohio.

Just like Remember the Titans. Kennesaw State, the first-year FCS program that has a DRONE MASCOT, might have the country's best vocals.

Kirk Ferentz's contract is funny. Comedian Lewis Black was in Iowa, using the Hawkeyes as an example for a point on something else ... and thus stumbling on the best laugh of the night (and it got even sadder after this).

Black: "If the University of Iowa football team doesn't do well, what do you—fire the coach, don't you?"

Crowd: [Legit 20+ seconds of sustained laughter and hollering]

Football players are busy. Jim McElwain tweeted a graphic of the players' normal, 15-hour daily schedule.

JANGO GLACKIN. Northwestern's 2016 class shoots to the top of the rankings of my heart by landing the best name in the country.

And now, in UConn rivalry news. Bob Diaco still doesn't know how this whole thing works.

Whether [UCF] honors it, we will honor it. We don't have control over that, so who cares. They don't get to say whether they are our rival or not. We might not be their rival, but they don't get to say whether they are our rival -- that is for us to decide.

But good news, Bob! A real rivalry may be returning for the Huskies -- UConn-Boston College may be back on.

PUNTER HEISMAN CAMPAIGN. Blogger So Dear makes the case for Wake Forest punter Alex Kinal. (Bill Connelly's preview series reached Wake on Tuesday, and yes, punter hype is about all Demon Deacons fans have.)

Much-needed help. Cal had one of the country's worst defenses last year. Among other changes, they've just added a three-star safety eligible this season.

What if Tennessee had hired Kevin Sumlin instead of Derek Dooley in 2010?