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Ohio State, LSU, FSU off to roaring starts in 2016 recruiting

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When people attempt to explain the SEC's recent run, recruiting is one of the first things mentioned. Most schools in the conference are within a close proximity to some of the best recruiting territory in the country, and even the farthest ones aren't that far.

SEC programs litter the top 10 and top 25 of the recruiting rankings every year, but they are not alone. So we wondered, which would make a better roster: A team of the SEC's current 2016 recruits, or a team of everyone else's?

Turns out the world can hold its own, but we'll see if things change by Signing Day.

Among the schools leading: LSU has 10 players on the SEC's three-deep, and Ohio State has 10 for the world. Leading the SEC is impressive, but having that many players on a roster drawing from every other conference is crazy.

Alabama, Florida State, Georgia and Ole Miss follow close behind on their respective sides. The other teams in the 247Sports Composite top eight are Miami and Michigan State, which have four each here.


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Speaking of 'crootin':

Bill Connelly's preview series moved on to Syracuse, where, uhhh, the Orange could be in for a long year. But it's not all grim for Syracuse, as the punter Heisman hype machine is whirring to life for Riley DixonNeed to keep up with Wake Forest, you know?

Third time's a charm. Quarterback Connor Brewer is transferring to Virginia, which will be his third stop after Texas and Arizona. He'll be eligible immediately, and the Cavaliers could really use the former four-star recruit.

Centerpiece. Florida State's defense took a step back in 2014 after a prodigious 2013, but they can bounce back this year with exceptional safety Jalen Ramsey as the focal point.

Class is inOur Miami site went through the basics of secondary play. You don't have to take notes if you don't want to, though.

Good idea. Mississippi State will be giving financial literacy classes for athletes in conjunction with enhanced scholarship payments. This is probably something that should be mandatory for all students to help counteract the tidal wave of credit card offers that come with free t-shirts.

OH C'MON PAWL. Jim Harbaugh has no idea who Paul Finebaum is.

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