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QUIZ: SEC football opponents or unaccredited universities?

Might not be a bad idea to try and get a game with one of these schools. Maybe the NCAA won't notice!

Charleston Southern is a real school, thank you very much.
Charleston Southern is a real school, thank you very much.
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

University certification is suddenly a sports issue, thanks to UNC's accreditation being placed on probation. Reviewing Wikipedia's list of schools without accreditation shows the unfortunate company the Tar Heels would align themselves with, in the barely fathomable event that they actually failed their review in 12 months and thus lost their status.

Many of those diploma mills, legitimately challenged noble efforts, or outright scams have fun names. So do many non-FBS schools that find themselves on power-conference football schedules every year.

And while the five power conferences play basically the same amount of those cupcake opponents (the Pac-12 plays slightly fewer, and the Big Ten plans to swear off them soon), the SEC catches by far the most heat for it. SEC fans have reason to brag about how tough their conference schedules are, but it sounds real funny during, say, each November's unofficial SEC-SoCon Challenge Weekend.