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Of course Texas A&M's chancellor made fun of Texas selling beer at games

One of these days, all this snappin' and jawin' between these two might up and spark a football game.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas will become among the country's latest athletic departments to sell beer and wine at football games.

Since everything that happens in the state of Texas is cause for Longhorns and Aggies to look down upon each other, a radio interview produced the following quote a day after that news:

That is a good and fine quote, regardless of anything that might or might not be true. Because while what Alabama did to A&M last year surely led some in College Station to seek the oblivion of the bottle, rival-jabbin' is always in style.

A month ago, Sharp made fun of the Longhorn Network being ... not exactly the most visible thing on earth.

Now why don't y'all just kiss and/or play football again already?