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Inept former Michigan AD to ruin Toys 'R' Us

Someone really put him in charge of something again.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

National toy retailer Toys "R" Us recently announced its new CEO, Dave Brandon, formerly the very unsuccessful athletic director at the University of Michigan. Since the company has apparently ignored all warning signs, we're here to help parents and other potential customers know exactly what they're going to get into.

1. Poor worker safety conditions

"I don't care that a pedal car fell on your head. Go out there and push some damn stuffed animals."

2. Even higher prices

Get ready for $3,000 swing sets, parents!

3. Snippy e-mails

"I suggest you find a new store to shop at. We will be fine without you. Also, Santa isn't real."

4. Ill-advised promotions

Buy any two Coca-Cola products, get two franchises free!

5. Mass protests

But on the plus side, corgis!

Previously, Brandon was the CEO of Domino's Pizza, with varying results.

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