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Steve Spurrier had the solution to South Carolina's flag problem 8 years ago

Good morning! It's your digest of what happened in college football this weekend.

Take it down. Steve Spurrier hasn't spoken out since the attack in Charleston, but eight years ago, the South Carolina head coach made his position clear that the Confederate flag should be removed from the South Carolina state capital.

Happy Father's Day! Ohio State Buckeyes stars Tyvis Powell and Cardale Jones are friends and roommates, and they have an ongoing back-and-forth on social media. Powell claims he is Jones' father, and he has a picture to prove it.

Remember, no matter how great your dad is, he probably should be paid less than college football players, argues Jon Bois.


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Big Guy Offense! There's a fad going around college football right now that involves big guys playing small guy positions. We put together an all-star team of the best!

Hokie revival? Virginia Tech has an all-world defense. With even a competent offense, the Hokies could win the ACC, writes Bill Connelly in his preview series.

Scary. Mizzou defensive lineman Harold Brantley and basketball player Maddie Stock were in a car accident. Brantley's injuries are reportedly non-life-threatening, but we'll hope to hear good news soon.

Crootin'. A few highlights from another busy weekend.

Loyal. Lil Wayne is now a loyal Michigan fan, and he has a jersey to prove it.

Starting 2017 with a bang. It's still a year-and-a-half away, but it looks like we'll finally get that mammoth Alabama-Florida State game. They'll open the 2017 season in Atlanta.

Decreased by two. Alabama's saying goodbye to a freshman running back and sophomore defensive back.

Syracuse finds an AD. Syracuse announced that Boise State athletic director Mark Coyle will take the same position with the Orange. Can he continue his success?

R.I.P. Coug Center remembers the best of Dr. Elson S. Floyd, the late president of Washington State University.

SB Nation presents: The best of Jim Harbaugh since he took over at Michigan