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Oklahoma president: I like the Big 12 being 12 teams, rather than 10

Fans in Boise State, BYU, Cincinnati, UCF and a few other spots are listening.

Seems like only last week we celebrated the five-year anniversary of the extremely silly conference realignment era. It was only last week. Now look at us, reading quotes by University of Oklahoma President David Boren on how the Big 12 should expand from 10 teams back to 12.

The Big 12, you'll recall, lost a horde of programs during the realignment gold rush and fortified by bringing on TCU and West Virginia. Its official position since then has been to deny over and over that it's interested in expanding. Boren represents just one member, but an important member.

Ten teams is a nice number that allows round-robin scheduling and keeps a lean number of mouths to feed, but it also means the conference can't have its own league championship game under current (and possibly changing) NCAA rules. That lack of a 13th game helped keep Baylor and TCU out of the first College Football Playoff, according to Playoff chair Jeff Long in December:

Who would get the callup? There is not an official memo that has been lifted from a fax machine, but the same list has been thrown around for years now by just about everybody: Boise State, BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, and what have you.

BYU seems like a very good bet to get the nod, and pairing Cincy with West Virginia for some sort of reasonable continuity makes for another popular option.

Another wrinkle from Boren: