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POLL: Which school would be the best possible addition to the Big 12?

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If we're stuck paying attention to this, we might as well vote on it.

Big 12 expansion has been a topic for literally half a decade now, resuming this week thanks to Oklahoma's president saying he'd like to see two teams added to bring the league back up to 12.

Obviously, not every member agrees at the moment; the conference has maintained since adding TCU and West Virginia that it's sitting tight.

But listen, we're gonna be talking about this for a while now. So let's see where everybody stands. Vote below, and make your cases for and against in the comments. Several of these schools are super longshots, but you'd be amazed by the teams somebody would show up to argue for if they weren't included.

[Update: Poll closed! Technical difficulties! UCF's and USF's vote tallies are inflated well beyond what they should be. Before SHENANIGANS struck, the poll was led by BYU and Cincinnati, with UConn third and UCF fourth. I do not recall where USF was, but it was definitely not first or second.

And yes, since this story has not even been clicked on as many times as UCF has been voted for (disregard my grammar), yes, SHENANIGANS have struck.]