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Shirtless Jim Harbaugh is the ultimate in dadbod

What's all this about dadbod? The following images tell you all you'd need to know.

The Michigan head coach is camping it up in Alabama -- why Alabama? IT'S A LONG STORY -- which is warmer than Michigan, in my opinion. So he took his shirt off.

Harbaugh playing Peru ball (video)

A video posted by @marksnyder1 on

Listen, the concept of "dadbod" has been a thing this offseason, thanks to an article in April sort of appreciating-ish the utilitarian form taken by our nation's dads. It was a word without meaning until this moment.

Look at Jim Harbaugh. Ponder his angles.

Is he fit enough to pitch a softball game, change his own tires, and do something about that hornet's nest by the awning? All that and then some.

Would he require Photoshop before appearing on a magazine cover while dressed like this? Someone would probably do that.

Is he wearing nothing but his excellent khakis and coach gear? No one would deny that he is.

Is he thus one wardrobe adjustment away from each of the following activities: mowing the lawn, applying for a loan, coaching a football game, taking the boat out, leading a deacons meeting, and moving cinder blocks from one side of the basement to the other? It is unequivocal.

Therefore, Jim Harbaugh is in both his physique and ensemble the pinnacle and ideal of dadbod, a concept that was not a concept until right now.