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ESPNers floating idea of Oklahoma leaving Big 12, perhaps for the SEC

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Good morning! It's your daily roundup of college football stuff.

Last week, Oklahoma president David Boren restarted the Big 12 expansion rumor mill by saying he'd like the league to add two more teams. While that gave us all something to chatter about in the middle of the summer, the (seemingly quite unlikely) prospect of OU leaving for the SEC is popping up around ESPN now.

What do you think of this kind of talk from the network's reputable Jake Trotter?

Boren holds the trump card to force the expansion issue. The Oklahoma brand will always have a home in another conference.

And while few would accuse Paul Finebaum or Colin Cowherd of having a history of breaking news, the following does add up to a lot on the same subject from ESPN in one day.

Worth noting that four years ago, the Sooners were reportedly considering joining Texas A&M in leaving?

Bet against it happening, but we can daydream about Bob Stoops firing shots at Nick Saban annually.


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Oh, okay. The Big 12 is at a disadvantage for the College Football Playoff without expanding, says a coach (Tommy Tuberville) whose program (Cincinnati) has been linked as an expansion candidate for the Big 12.

Counterpoint. TCU's athletic director has some advice for those worried about all this Big 12 stuff: chill.

Easy choice. You can guess the No. 1 on this list of the best secondaries of the 2000s with either your first or second guess.

Where to? Believe it or not, the season is starting to sneak up on us. Let's break down our best destinations for the opening Saturday of GameDay.

Now or never. Paul Rhoads developed a reputation at Iowa State for his occasionally unhinged demeanor, and for ruining a highly ranked team's season every now and then (right, Oklahoma State?). But as Bill C. notes in his Iowa State preview, Rhoads needs to start coming up with some results.

That long? 2015 is looking like the first year since 2006 when the SEC didn't have a team in the preseason top two.

Hmmm. More details are emerging about the altercation between Ole Miss lineman Laremy Tunsil and his stepfather, who claims he was upset the player was "riding around with football agents."

Nice addition. Louisville wide receiver and former four-star recruit Michaelee Harris is transferring to Akron for his final year of eligibility.