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Colin Cowherd hung up on Jim Harbaugh during awkward interview

This whole thing kind of hurts to watch, but the Michigan head coach is always a unique kind of entertaining.

Jim Harbaugh appeared on ESPN radio Wednesday. Host Colin Cowherd tried to ask Harbaugh normal human questions, kind of. But Harbaugh is not a normal human.

Harbaugh answered Cowherd's first four questions with some form of "I don't know" or "I would agree" and refused to play radio games ("I'm a 4.3 wide receiver, why should I play at Michigan? "You are?").

Then things got awkward, causing Cowherd to end the interview and suggest recruits might want to head elsewhere.


The reactions:


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Transcript of the end, via Coaching Search:

Jim Harbaugh: "This feels like one of those where you ask 50 questions."

Colin Cowherd: "You're not giving me a ton to work with, Coach. I just want to find out about Jim Harbaugh the human being. I'm a player right now, and I want to play for a bunch of schools. I'm listening to Jim Harbaugh. I want to play for Jim. I want Jim Harbaugh, the guy. I bring all these coaches on, and I want the guy. If I was a wide receiver. Why should I play at Michigan?"


CC: "This seems terribly difficult, Jim. This is just not working. I love you to death. I really do. But it seems like we're going nowhere with this. And I love you. I'm a huge Harbaugh fan."

JH: "What can I do to make your interview better?"

CC: "I'm just asking open-ended questions, and you have not much to say. I want you to sell your program. That's why I bring Urban on and I bring Sark. I love you guys. I want you to sell your program."


CC: "Listen, I love ya. It's not working. I appreciate you stopping by, Jim Harbaugh."

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