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Next on Alabama bar's SEC chalk art list: Steve Spurrier as the Nirvana baby

The fine arts ain't played nobody. A Tuscaloosa brewery is using Alabama iconography and a chalkboard to culturalize SEC fans.

Sixteen Chapel

"The Sixteen Chapel," Rich Marcks

You might have seen some of Druid City Brewery's chalk artwork before, but join us for a compendium of the Tuscaloosa, Ala., taproom's SEC-centric reimaginings of classic and pop art.

Brewmasters and co-owners Bo Hicks and Elliot Roberts just do the beer part of the artistry. They contract out the masterworks to local artists.

"We’re not quite as well-versed in the art culture as we are in beer, so we come up with ideas and get people better than us to draw them," Hicks said.

The current exhibit -- Les Miles, corndog in hand, as a Thriller-era Michael Jackson -- marks a distinct departure from Alabama-related images. Hicks cited a need to expand the artistic horizon of Druid City because, you know, lots of SEC stuff is worth making fun of.

"I don’t care about anything in sports that doesn’t have to do with Alabama, but we still thought it would be funny to turn the prism in on us. It’s supposed to fun."

Alabama Gothic

"Alabama Gothic," by Ryan Watson

If you're headed to Tuscaloosa for football or art but probably football, check out Druid City online or on Twitter.

Birth Offense

"Lane Kiffin and the Birth of Offense," by Rich Marcks

And for their next work, Druid City needs your artistic vision, so feel free to leave a comment below.

"We want to do the Nevermind cover [the Nirvana album with a naked baby swimming after a dollar bill on its cover], but with Steve Spurrier as the baby. What's he chasing after, though? Winning the SEC East? We're not sure. It's open for suggestion," Hicks said.

Avery Delaware

"Avery Johnson Crossing the Black Warrior River," by Ryan Watson


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