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Nick Saban has another interesting explanation for another Alabama Sugar Bowl loss

The offseason continues on schedule!

Alabama doesn't lose often. When Nick Saban has to explain each individual loss, it can sound like he's making excuses, even if he's just answering questions about the game.

But some times it does seem like he's going out of his way.

Nick Saban said Wednesday at SEC Media Days that the odd timing of the NFL Draft evaluation process was a factor in Alabama's loss to Ohio State.

We're trying to get ready for a game and all of a sudden a guy finds out he's a first-round draft pick, or a guy who thought he was a first-round draft pick finds out he's not a first-round draft pick, and we're trying to get ready to play a playoff game.

This isn't the first time this has happened after a Sugar Bowl loss, either.

After the 2009 loss to Utah, he shared the blame with fans (via

'I want our fans to understand that when they don't have positive passion and energy for what we're trying to accomplish, then it affects everyone,' Saban said. 'Last year's team was a great example of that.'

After the 2014 loss to Oklahoma, he said motivation was an issue: