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The Big 12's new slogans are just as funny as the last one

What's old is new again.

Hey, remember last year when the Big 12's slogan was "One True Champion," except they actually had a shared championship due to not having a championship game and it may or may not have cost them a spot in the College Football Playoff? Well, they're not using that phrase anymore, which is good, but their replacement is, well, uhhhhh:

For those of you who are unable to listen to the video, the voiceover finishes with this dandy of a line.

"In the Big 12, we determine our champion [dramatic pause] on the field."

Well, they're right in the sense that football games are played on fields, and conference championships are determined by what happens during those games on those fields. Considering how big of a public relations L the conference took this past year, though, you'd think they would have come up with a slogan that was more difficult to turn into a punchline.

It appears determining their champion on the field isn't the Big 12's only PR talking point, too!

It's cool that the BCS let them use that. Not like they were doing anything with it, to be fair.

College football is the most absurd sport on the planet.