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Virginia Tech brought an actual lunch pail to ACC Media Days

Sports are serious business.

Conference media days are all important, but perhaps a moment of recognition is required for Virginia Tech's Kendall Fuller bringing the Hokies' lunch pail totem to the dais.

Host: "And now, if anyone has questions for the lunch pail, we'll take them now."

Reporter: "Yes, Mr. Pail, what would you say is your most valuable addition to the team?"

Lunch Pail: "I contain lunch. Next."

Reporter: "Afternoon, Pail. Talk about the team's goals for this season."

Lunch Pail: "That's not a question, but also I have 'WIN' written on my lid, so."

Reporter: "How great was it to beat Ohio State last year, and do you think you can do it again?"

Lunch Pail: "I'm an inanimate object, please stop asking me questions. You're all imagining these answers and are starting to look like crazy people. Go Hokies."