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Kansas State's Bill Snyder really misses having Nebraska in the Big 12

With Big 12 expansion back in the news, the Kansas State coach is still thinking about one that got away.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder has long been a proponent of bringing Nebraska back to the Big 12, the conference the Huskers vacated for the Big Ten after 2010. With Big 12 expansion from 10 teams very much a thing again, Snyder is revisiting this point.

The coach told ESPN this week that he "most certainly" misses the rivalry KSU established with the Huskers, whom the Wildcats played 94 times between 1912 and 2010. But now that the two are in different leagues, that's over.

"When push comes to shove," Snyder said of Nebraska, via ESPN's Mitch Sherman, "I don't want to speak for anybody, but I'm not so sure they're pleased with the decision they made."

If it needs one, Nebraska has a pretty good counterargument to that point, in the form of buckets of Big Ten money.

Here's Nebraska athletic director, not subtly pushing back on Saturday:

Nonetheless, Snyder's yearning for a longtime rival's return is neat to see.

The longtime Wildcat coach sounded a similar tune a year ago:

"Let's bring Nebraska back and a few others, one other maybe. I don't know that," Snyder later said to FOX Sports' David Ubben last year. "I know the programs I've seen mentioned, all good programs, all good universities."

The Huskers move to the Big Ten in 2010 helped to kick off the national realignment movement. Since, Snyder has been among the most prominent of those wondering if the Huskers might have second thoughts. However, Nebraska fans have disagreed.


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