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Steve Spurrier says he's not retiring, calls out mysterious 'enemies'

Head Ball Coach is fed up.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier called a hastily arranged press conference to discuss an unannounced topic. That topic turned out to be hollerin' at people who think he's too old to coach, and the blaze was bright.

It's always entertaining to see Head Ball Coach when he's at the peak of his sass powers, something we haven't seen since ... well, since this past November when he gave a curt 56-second press conference after losing to Tennessee.

Spurrier appears to be upset about this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that claims between his age and a disappointing 7-6 record in 2014, he's on his way out. He said back in December 2014 that he thought he would coach South Carolina for another "two or three years," a comment that came back and bit him in the form of decommitments and lots of negative recruiting. The Gamecocks have hovered in between 15th and 20th nationally in the 247 Composite rankings the last few years, but they currently sit 53rd for their 2016 class, and perhaps more importantly, 13th in the SEC ahead of only Vanderbilt.

Whether this statement will go toward fixing any of that remains to be seen, but let's not forget that Spurrier said basically the same thing back in 2011, and he's still kicking.