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Steve Spurrier calls emergency press conference to debunk his 'enemies'

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"I'm sick of it." Steve Spurrier has never been one to bite his tongue when speaking to the media. There was no exception Wednesday when Spurrier hastily called a press conference to take shots at the "enemies" of the program that keep saying he's going to retire soon.

Head Ball Coach brought a lot of this on himself by saying he's going to keep coaching "two or three years" back in December, but he's apparently had enough of other teams' negative recruiting against him.

Spurrier is 70. He's clearly not going to coach forever, and the end of his tenure in Columbia will probably be sooner than later. Publicly saying you plan on coaching for fewer than four years -- a recruit's probable time in college -- is a flashing sign that says "USE THIS AGAINST ME IN RECRUITING," so even if Spurrier was telling the truth, it would've been in his best interest to say otherwise.

Get the band back together. Bill Snyder said he'd like the Big 12 back at 12 teams, and he'd like to have Nebraska back in the fold, too. He wasn't the only one who wants to bring back an old member, as players that attended Big 12 Media Days would like to add Texas A&M ... and BYU.

Alert! Arizona State was rebuilding on the fly in 2014, and they still managed to win 10 games. The 2015 Sun Devils should be fully operational, according to Bill Connelly.

THROW IT DOWN! Wisconsin linebacker Joe Schobert is just out here messing around and throwing down a ridiculous between-the-legs dunk. He is now president, by the way.

The national champs are having fun! A summer of go-karts and paintball and water slides for Ohio State.

Another one? Offensive tackle Camrhon Hughes is leaving the Texas program, becoming the fifth offensive lineman to leave the Horns in the past year.

Also gone. Former four-star recruit Jordan Poland has been dismissed from Arizona following the offensive lineman's arrest, though no charges have been filed so far.

Florida State has a freshman who can bench 405 pounds and leap over entire humans. Be warned.

Also be warned that new Adidas alternates are coming for Nebraska, apparently in black.

CROOTIN'. UCLA adds a tight end with a seven-foot wing span and Wisconsin gains an athlete over Georgia and Pitt.


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