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A complete recounting of Cardale Jones being the absolute best

There have been good times.

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is a bit of a character, and he's not shy about it. He's not afraid to be himself, and that included chiming in on Thursday in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. An Ohio State fan came at him, obviously preferring his favorite athletes to be seen but not heard, and Cardale demolished him so badly that the fan in question deleted his account. Maybe you should stick to sports, huh, guy?

Anyway, Cardale is amazing. Let us count the ways.

1. He tried to tweet his way into a date with Ronda Rousey during the ESPYs.

Cardale Rousey

She said no thanks. :(:(:(

He later showed up to training camp in a Rousey shirt, so maybe there is still hope.

2. He made tight-wad NFL media members throw a fit when he had the temerity to hold a press conference announcing he was returning to school.

3. He celebrated winning the national championship by:

4. He strives for the best at all times, even against kids in the hospital in NCAA Football.

4a. He talks a big mess when that same kid wants a rematch.

5. He beefed with the Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah.

6. He has a healthy-if-not-confusing father-son relationship with teammate Tyvis Powell, while also being big enough to admit he has regrets.

7. "I feel sorry for Notre Dame."

8. He does this on football fields.

9. Hey may not be the best go-kart driver.

10. That time he told everyone to add him on LinkedIn.

11. He is a life-long learner. First this:

Then this!

12. He invented a new holiday.

13. "Hella snacks" at the White House.