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Let Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema cook you something special

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He leans on some favorites pretty hard but it looks like his execution is on point.

On Sunday, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema got on Twitter and showed off some of his cooking. This is far from the first time he's showed off on Twitter, so it's pretty apparent by now that he knows his way around the kitchen more than the average coach.

Is it strangely grim seeing the head coach of a team named the Razorbacks cooking bacon? I mean, maybe, but I'm sure there are pictures of Charlie Strong out there eating steak and Steve Spurrier eating chicken and nobody's raising an eyebrow about that.

But I digress. Let's look at the recipes.

Savory slow-cooked eggs

It's actually pretty close to a dish he made back in March that we naturally figured would lead to a SEC Network cooking show. I've never had eggs cooked this way, but like anything cooked with basil and scallions, it's probably pretty good.

Cod served on a bed of spinach, asparagus, and red onion

Not really my favorite, but the flavor profiles work and I see where he's going with the presentation. Also, he repeatedly refers to red onion as "purple onion," which may technically be accurate in the sense that they're purple-ish more than red, but that's definitely not the proper name of that vegetable.

Cod and smoked sausage with garlic chive gnocchi

Smoked sausage with fish? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII don't know about that.


He didn't put peas in that guac, did he?

Cod served on a bed of carrots, peppers, and red onion

Again with the purple onion. And again with the cod. Maybe it's time to mix it up with the protein.

Mixed green salad with cilantro, cashews, and a cilantro onion dressing

Digging the Asian flavors going on here.

Turkey and mixed vegetable omelette

Hope he roasted those poblanos first.

Sea bass with grilled vegetables and green beans, and also bacon-wrapped burgers

YES! A DIFFERENT KIND OF FISH! But burgers don't really fit with the fresh, light angle I'm getting with the rest of the dishes. Not so sure about this.

Skirt steak with vegetables and caprese salad

This is heavier on the oil than I'd care for, but this looks like a strong offering.

Almond sea bass with garlic brussel sprouts

The knife work on the almonds is a bit heavy-handed, but I like the flavor combination with the black sesame seeds her, and brussel sprouts with garlic and onion is a classic combo. Now, as much as I love roasted garlic, is he... is he just going to eat the whole bulb?

Not all of his dishes really work for me, but I'd be willing to bet a fair amount that Bielema is the best cook of any head coach in the SEC. Give him a show. Let the man cook.