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College athletes are about to get paid, and the NCAA is fighting it

Good morning! It's your daily digest of yesterday's college football news!

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Payday coming. If everything from the O'Bannon verdict stands, schools can start offering 2016 recruits up to $5,000 per year in deferred compensation. Predictably, the NCAA is doing everything it can to stop that from happening.

The NCAA filed to argue that its schools would be "irreparably harmed" if it goes through. Plaintiffs went on the attack, pointing out that the injunction does not require schools to offer athletes any money, and if it would be so damaging for them to do so, they won't.

From USA Today:

'The simple fact,' they wrote, 'is that no member school needs to change a thing under the injunction if it does not wish to do so. If the NCAA is correct, and modest compensation to college athletes is truly so thorny, no member school will choose to offer it.'

Scary mannequin. Ohio State players were minding their own business when a mannequin came alive. The players nearly had a heart attack.

Common enemy. It's not just Gary Pinkel and Steve Spurrier who think Notre Dame needs to find a conference. Dabo Swinney says that the Irish shouldn't be able to make the College Football Playoff as an independent. Notre Dame brings people together.

SEC West is tops again. The SEC might not have won the national championship, but the conference looks like it will be the best in the country next year. The SEC West, particularly, will be impressive top-to-bottom. Here, a ranking of the divisions of the power conferences.

Auburn offense explainer. To understand how Gus Malzahn teaches his offense to quarterbacks, you have to dig deep into the defenses he encounters. College and Magnolia dives into the Auburn offense from the perspective of the other side of the ball.

The ALL HOG cookbook. In addition to being a professional football coach, Arkansas coach Bret Bielema is also an amateur chef. We have compiled his cookbook.

Cusp of elite. UCLA has all the tools to be an elite team, writes Bill Connelly. The only question mark is at quarterback.

Saban life lessons. Nick Saban once gave a great life lesson to members of the Alabama football team, according to his new book. If you're going to have an affair, only have one with "Hillary F------ Rodham Clinton."

Smooth tickets. If Tennessee's tickets look familiar to you, it's because they're Jack Daniels-themed.

Fayetteville freakout. Whataburger opened in Fayetteville. People lost their minds.

Arizona commitment. Four-star offensive guard Michael Eletise is going to be a Wildcat.

FSU lands Rasul. A day after uncoupling from Miami, four-star running back Amir Rasul announced that he's going to Florida State.


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