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Rudy wasn't really offside, but it's fun to make Notre Dame fans mad

He probably wouldn't have been flagged in a real game, FWIW.

Notre Dame tried to have some fun on the Internet, but Penn State decided to have fun at Notre Dame's expense.

Rudy is a beloved, not-good movie that embellishes the tale of a Notre Dame athlete eventually charged with securities fraud.

People like to say that the movie's climax, which features walk-on Rudy finally hitting the field and sacking the quarterback to end a big game, involves him being offside. That is a thing people like to say.

The only visual evidence in the movie is Rudy wiggling around before the snap, which is technically-ish against part of the rule, but when's the last time you ever saw that called if the offensive lineman didn't flinch in response?

It's still fun to heckle Notre Dame fans, though, so it's OK to say it.

Another thing embellished in the movie: in the actual play (on which he was even less offside), Rudy didn't sack the quarterback solo. Like everyone in the stadium got involved: