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USC coach takes style-over-substance jab at Oregon, despite his sad record vs. Oregon

The Ducks have beaten the Trojans in three out of the last four, and they beat Sarkisian five straight times at Washington.

Playoff semifinalist Oregon is probably the Pac-12 favorite again. I say again because the Ducks have been the best team in the conference for some time now, something veteran Pac-12 head coach Steve Sarkisian appeared to temporarily ignore Friday at Pac-12 Media Days:

Oh yeah, sure coach, rich tradition, just like Oregon's rich tradition of beating up on Steve Sarkisian. Oregon isn't the only team in the country that wears something different every week, but it famously started the trend.

*deep breath*

Oh, that's some good hate. The two teams play Nov. 21 in Eugene. College football season is back, y'all.