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Kyle Field stand gets reinforced after 'Sandstorm' made it shake

Not great!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Field is in the midst of a major renovation, but the university had to make an unplanned reinforcement of the new south end zone stands after they started bobbing up and down during a game last year, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Kyle Field has traditionally been known to sway a little bit when fans sing the "Aggie War Hymn," a song in which everyone locks arms and sways back and forth. But the stand, which can hold up to 27,000 people, started bobbing with the rhythm to "Sandstorm" during Texas A&M's game against LSU last fall. Evidently fans jumping up and down to the exact beat of that song created the issue, and it isn't a problem at slower or faster speeds.

This seems like a sensible idea. An elevated stand going up and down sounds utterly terrifying, and if a little reinforcement can fix that, it's probably well worth the money to fix. The full stadium renovation project -- estimated at $485 million -- should be completed before Texas A&M's home opener against Ball State on Sept. 12.

So the lesson here is clear, then: Just don't play "Sandstorm" anymore.