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How Twitter's most notorious sports rumormonger got pranked by Ole Miss fans

If the NCAA ever hammers the Rebels, you probably won't hear about it first from this guy.

Have you ever heard of Incarcerated Bob? WELL.

Whoever is behind that Internet presence operates a confusing and threats-prone network of Twitter handles and gambling stuff. The entity claims to break frequent sports news, such as Clemson's quarterback throwing a game (wrong) or Florida State's quarterback throwing a game (wrong).

Among other things, the Incarcerated Bob persona cluster (we'll call it "Bob") has agitated Ole Miss fans by indicating the NCAA's gonna get the Rebels for their landmark 2013 recruiting class.

In real life, the NCAA's taking a look at the situation involving star tackle Laremy Tunsil, whose stepfather alleged the player took money and met with agents. Simply meeting with agents isn't against the rules, even if that part is true. Head coach Hugh Freeze has expressed confidence in Ole Miss' position, for what that's worth.

Amid this, one Ole Miss fan, who chooses to remain anonymous, decides to send Bob a hoax letter from the NCAA, just to see what happens. Via a forwarded email chain:

From: [redacted]
Date: Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 10:17 AM
Subject: Ole Miss NCAA Investigation Letter
To: Incarcerated Bob

Figured you'd want to be the first to report this. Somehow Ole Miss has kept it quiet so far. By the way, this is re: Laremy Tunsil.

From: Incarcerated Bob
Date: Friday, August 7, 2015
Subject: Ole Miss NCAA Investigation Letter
To: [redacted]

Nobody has this yet?


Nope but I think Clay Travis is trying to get it. As far as I know he doesn't ... yet.

Incarcerated Bob: Anything else that I should include?

Tunsil will sit the first six games. If you look at his Twitter timeline yesterday @kingtunsil78 he said "got to play the hand you was dealt" when OM gave him the news yesterday. OM is voluntarily holding him out to try to get better deal from NCAA.

Incarcerated Bob: Do you have clearer copy of the letter?

That's all I got unfortunately.

Incarcerated Bob: Looks like more was written ...

There was a second page but only had like 2 sentences, I'm told. I don't have the letter. My buddy who works in AD's office sent it.

The second page is important.

Incarcerated Bob: gotcha ... are you sure about the six-game suspension?

Yes, that's the voluntary punishment they offered NCAA. Waiting to hear whether it's accepted or if NCAA does more.

The time stamp on that last message is 1:58 p.m. ET Friday. To the website the whole thing goes, basically that same minute:

Everyone gets excited, but not even Mississippi State message boarders are really buying it. One SEC board turns from delirium to disappointment once someone figures out it's Bob-related.

A few hours later, the prankster's accomplice reveals the second part of the letter:

Bob's only concern, according to the prankster, is as follows:

Incarcerated Bob: Bunch of rumors saying that investigation # was from 2012-13 season??? What's up with that?

Bullshit. They don't know what they're talking about. It's legit. Ole Miss already has an official press release on it. Don't know when they'll release. They were trying to wait but now I'm hearing may have to pull the trigger because they're getting calls from media.

"MS 363" is a fine choice for the letter's case number, for three reasons.

  1. It's the abbreviation of "Mississippi." The NCAA has used "M" as a prefix for case numbers, but not "MS."
  2. The NCAA doesn't appear to use that "M" in 2015. I've asked the NCAA whether it can confirm the status of the "M."
  3. For years, the NCAA numbered its cases sequentially. Case No. M99 involved Baylor in 1995. M210 was Missouri in 2004. There was an M324 letter in 2009M339 in 2010M357 in 2011M360 in 2011, and so on. There was an M377 in 2012, before Tunsil even signed with Ole Miss, and 377 is bigger than 363, in my opinion.

I've reached out to Bob for comment. All of it's still on Bob's website, by the way.